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MEL GIBSON ISSUES WARNING - Sound of Freedom Premieres on July 4th – Links Below

Published on 2023/07/02 / In News & Politics

⁣Mel Gibson and a Premiere Film on July 4th, 2023. Sound of Freedom Film with Jim Caviezel - Movie Trailer - https://www.soundoffreedommovie.com
A partial list of the many arrests worldwide. Would You Like to Know The Head of The SNAKE?!?!?! It's gone<<<
Our children are being rescued by Sheriffs, Marshals, The Military Branch, Privateers like Tim Ballard and the Q Brigade.
There’s More. SO MUCH MORE.
12 or so red Finches showed up the other day in front of my car in a drive in the deep woods. Never seen them before?
They would not budge or leave the old dirt road!? It took me ten minutes to slowly move forward as they kept slightly ahead.
👉Join the Telegram group for all the latest information on the movie campaign
Film should be available after we enjoy this Summer coming out of CONVID PlanDemic. In the Autumn it should be out.

Watch the new Movie Sound of Freedom [Official Trailer] with Jim Caviezel to see some children saved. http://jimcaviezel.us/ When The Smoke Is Going Down You’ll Know!?
And as I leave here I would like to shout out a Scottish Jacobite Rebellion would say in the 1745 before they headed out to fight a fight that needed to be fought with the English.
'Where We Go One We Go All'

WWG1WGA / Hooah
Q / 1746

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