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Trudeau's Paradise Life Song (revised)

Published on 2023/09/13 / In Music

⁣Justin Trudeau raps with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith about his life as a Canadian Prime Minister. Lyrics by Teacup Umbrella, below:

As I walk through the crowds at the W.E.F

I take a look at my country and realize there's nothin' left

'Cause I've been ummin' and ahh’in so long, that...

Even my Chrystia thinks that my mind is gone

But I ain't never dodged a question that didn't deserve it

Give the facts to you straight? You know that's unheard of

Ya better watch how you're-talkin', and where you're walkin'

Or YOU and your homies' accounts will be blocked

My Roxham refugees are the dopest humans

And I love POCs cos my daddy’s Cu- - - - uhh

I'm the kinda G the GTA really likes

'Cause I use pronouns right, and I really hate being white!

Been spendin' most their lives, to pay for Trudeau’s paradise

I use wokeness to entice, then I dress up like those Bollywood guys

They want health care, yeah, that’s nice, but they’ll get assisted suicide

We upped carbon taxes thrice, while we lied about that polar ice

Look at the situation, they had me facin'

I printed all of that money, they still honked in the streets

So I called the RCMP; named it an emergency

'Cause we don’t need inclusiveness for bigots like these

I'm a drama teachin’ fool with your money on my mind

Got shoe polish in my hand and a gleam in my eye

I’m a socked-out gangsta, spittin’ Queen bangers

And my deets got your guns, so don't arouse my anger, fool!

Vets and sick - need more help every day

But their lives are a mess, so let’s just call in the MAiD

I’ve seen 3 terms, but will I get to see 4?

With the CBC’s help, I think so

Tell me why do we have courts and juries

When the ones we hurt are SNC?

Been spendin' most their lives, to pay for Trudeau’s paradise

We’re upending most their lives, so they can be decolonized

A she-cession’s not too nice, when you’re tryin’ to help out people-kind

I keep jailing pastor guys, cause Jesus can't save Co- - - lives

Cost of living rising, inflating every loonie

Inflating 'til my ego is almost looking puny

Fiddy churches burned by my sunny ways, it ain’t my

fault - it's climate change - tabernak

Look at my dic-tatorship, it ain’t basic

Got my palace tiled with a broken mosaic

We’re erasing our past, but Canadians don’t brag

So just raise your black fist, and lower the flag, fool!

Been spendin' most their lives, to pay for Trudeau’s paradise

ISIS terrorists are fine, but bouncy castles make me cry

Been speaking moistly so, that even in this song I sing -

I could fill a whole drink box, water bottle-glass-can sorta thing!

Original Source Clip from: Trudeau's
Paradise (Coolio Parody) - https://beta.yourtube.win/v/hVQLR1John Julian (John
Stetch) funny viral Justin Trudeau impersonator raps with "Danielle


⁣WWG1WGA / Hooah
Q / 1746
Freedom is ALWAYS Essential

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